Windows 10 end of support

Almost 70% of the world’s computers run on Windows 10, all will need to be upgraded or replaced by October of 2025 (approximately 18 months). That is when Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10. It’s a free upgrade for computers that support it, which is most made within the last five years — I’ll write more about why businesses shouldn’t keep computers longer than five years in another post.

I bet you are thinking, who cares, I never use support? It is a big deal because no support means no security updates. Keeping your systems up to date is essential to protecting your business. It’s so essential that Microsoft releasees security updates at least once a month. It’s so essential that there is an exclusion in cyber insurance policies for systems that aren’t updated. Bottom line is if you run Windows 10 after October of 2015 and you get ransomware, don’t bother filing a claim. Say goodbye to your reputation, as soon as your customers find out their data was compromised due something as simple as keeping up with base level systems (Windows 11 was released 3 years ago), their it goes.

Windows 11 brings new security and other features, so there are other reasons to upgrade. Sure, they moved some stuff around, and yeah, that’s annoying — for a few days. No one likes to replace what seems like a perfectly working computer, and of course there will be application compatibility issues, which is why you should be proactive and come up with a plan now. Upgrade your newer computers now to verify all your apps work — roll back if needed while you wait for an update from the app vendor. Start now to layout a plan to replace the computers that can’t be upgraded, that match the costs with your business finances.


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