Why vendor support is important for business software

Running a business involves a number of suppliers and vendors, one of which provides software. Typically software runs the operations of the business because not only does it provide tools for serving your customers, it provides a business process specific to your type of business. If this software stops performing, you can’t serve your customers. Even businesses without a specific LOB (line of business) application, rely on accounting software to collect money and make sure everyone gets paid. This software holds essential financial data required in the event of a tax audit or other compliance event. This isn’t data you want to take risks with. LOB software and accounting software are so essential to serving your customers and staying compliant with the laws of the land, support by the vendors who provide this software is essential. The only true expert for any software, is the company who developed it. Hard stop. Others can become very proficient in supporting it, but ultimately the bucks stops with the source code. Operating your business by relying on software without support is a huge risk. Don’t do it. You may not think you need any of the new features in Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks 2024, and you’re probably right. Unfortunately Intuit makes the business decision to only support Online or desktop versions released in the last three years, which means that the 8 year old version that is bought-and-paid-for doesn’t meet your business’s needs. Because your business needs a reliable, supported software.


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